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Give your guest the best and make sure you rent from the best!

Are you worried about what your guests will think of your wedding? " I'm trying to make sure my guests are comfortable and happy at my wedding!" That is totally understandable!

I am sure bathrooms are last on your mind with planning but I can promise you they are a key factor with weddings? What makes a portable restroom trailer a must for a wedding? Well let's be honest! Your friends and family spend a lot of time, energy, and money putting in details for your wedding.

They do their hair, makeup, and dress to the best to look and feel amazing for your special day. They will NOT want to step foot in a standard porta potty on a 80+ degree day. A porta potty is waste that is baking in heat!

Give you and your guest what they deserve! An air conditioned, spacious, private, restroom trailer! What makes a restroom trailer so great? A bathroom trailer is an air conditioned trailer unit that has running water and flushing toilets! What do you provide with the bathroom trailer rental? We provide the stunning restroom itself along with soap, paper towel, toilet paper, and bathroom baskets to leave you with comfort and luxury!

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