Tents, Tables, Chairs, Lighting 
10x10 Pop up canopy
      10x10 Frame Tent $65.00
               Tent Side walls $15.00 Per 10Ft
20x20 Tent
    20x20 Peak Frame Tent 
    15x20 Peak Frame Tent
Rental Rate $300.00  Side Walls 30.00 Per 20ft
               Add Lights  $60.00-$100.00
20x60 Tent
    20x60 High Peak Tent 
 Rental Rate $750.00 Side Walls 30.00 Per 20ft 
            Add Lights $160.00-$200.00
60" Round Tables
   60" Tables $10.00 Each    With Tent Rental or $12.00 Each Without Tent Rental
  Round Linens $10.00 Each 
 Black, White
Come washed and folded
Spandex pub table covers
    Pub Table $10.00 Each     WithTent Rental Or $12.00 Each                 Without Tent Rental
           Spandex Covers $10.00 Each
                      Black, White, Silver
10x20 Pop up tent
  10x20 Frame Tent $135.00 
                Side walls $15.00 Per 10ft 
20x40 Tent
Led Color Changing bistro Lighting

Led Color Changing 
 Per 48' Strand

     20x40 High Peak Tent
     20X30 High Peak Tent
Rental Rate $575.00 Side Walls $30.00 Per 20ft                     Add Lights $120.00-$160.00
Led Bistro Lighting
      Tent Lighting White                                 $30.00
             Per 48' Strand
8 ft black Banquet tables
     8' Tables $10.00 Each    With Tent Rental or $12.00 Each Without Tent Rental 
 8FT Linens $10.00 Each 
  Black, White, Navy, Silver
Come washed and folded
white folding chair
         White Chairs 
     Rental Rate $2.50 Each W/Tent
                    $3.25 W/O Tent

Grey Folding Chair
            Grey Chairs 
        Rental Rate $2.00 Each W/Tent 
                     $3.00 Each W/O Tent