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Meet our Fleet Day 7!


Moving on to our 4 Stall Restroom Trailers X2... we have two nearly identical semi private 4 Stall Trailers in our fleet.

Price: $1450 + Delivery*

Accommodates Up to 300 Guests

Trailer Layout: 2 exterior doors on passenger side, lead to two women's semi private stalls and two mens semi private stalls

Exterior Color: White

Interior: Neutral grey, navy and white

Water Tank: Yes, water tank can be filled if water source is not available onsite

Additional Features: Heat, AC, Interior and Exterior LED Lights, NEW 2023 interiors

Fun Fact: Several of our customers are confused when we arrive with this trailer thinking we arrived with a two stall when they paid for a four stall... SURPRISE - each door leads to two semi private stalls.

*Delivery fees vary based on location

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