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Party Like Rockstar Rental- Make Your Event Stand Out

It's party season! Let's be honest, after attending the 5th graduation party or wedding of the season, it starts to get old. Let Rockstar Rental help you make your event one your guests will remember and enjoy. Here are some ideas to make your event stand out-

  1. Luxury Restroom Trailer- We get it, hosting events, especially weddings, can be expensive. It's hard to decide where to splurge and where to save. The last thing you want is for your guests to have to shimmy into a small and smelly porta potty to do their doody. Our luxury restroom trailers will be the talk of your event and feature air conditioning/heat, private stalls, running water, and modern decor.

  2. Photo Booth- Deciding on a party favor that won't end up in the trash when your guests get home can be tough. Photo Booths give your guest a favor they will keep a lifetime- memories. Our photo booths are easy to use with the latests technology and give your guest the option to text the pictures right to their phone.

  3. Dance Floor- As they say in Footloose, dancing "is our way of celebrating life." Turn any event into a party with some music and a dance floor.

  4. Concessions and Games- Your guests will only chit chat for so long with the family they see only on holidays. If you want your event to last, give your guests fun things to do like corn hole, fowling, making snow cones, and eating ice cream.

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