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Why Luxury?

"My daughter is having a barn party and I don't want all those teenagers coming in my house to use the bathroom..."

"I don't want people walking through my house with their dirty shoes to use the bathroom..."

"I'm not sure my septic system can handle all those people using our bathroom..."

"Were redoing our bathroom and need something to use in the meantime..."

"We're having a pool party and I don't want everybody trekking through the house dripping water to use the bathroom..."

"The water is being shutoff in the building and I need a bathroom for the employees..."

"We are having an employee appreciation event in the parking lot..."

"We're having a conference and need additional bathrooms for the other employees coming in town..."

Weddings are definitely the most common event that we rent bathroom trailers for... but that's not all! Above are just a few of the additional reasons our customers have called to inquire on renting a luxury restroom trailer. Having an outdoor event? Problem solved. Remodeling a bathroom? We've got you. Simply just don't want your guests inside your house? We get it. Need bathrooms to keep your business operations running? On it. No power? No problem.

Impress your guests or your employees with a luxury restroom trailer.

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